Cryptopuppies are coming!

Cryptokitties are dead, time for a new trend!

Cryptokitties are dead?

Today is the first day I have seen people putting up Cryptokitties for Sale for a price of 0 ETH, this was not the action of just one user trying to get rid of his cats, I saw multiple different accounts doing the same.

To make things worse, people put even some rare kitties up for Sire for FREE. Putting a cat up for sale or sire involves fees so the owners of those cats made even a loss.

Although the game is already online for more than 2 weeks, it is still extremely unstable, Network status is constantly on slow or extra slow, if you think you are buying a cat for a decent price it is already sold.

Can you still make money with Cryptokitties?

This graph says it all, Cryptokitties opened it’s door to the public on the 1st of December. By the 3rd of December all Mainstream media had an article about it and by the 4th of December half of the internet knew about it, but the euphoria was short lived, after a week volumes decreased drastically and if you bought cats after the 3rd of December, chances are you will make a loss selling your kitties.

Although the company behind Cryptokitties is making a fortune (Selling Gen0 cats for 2.5 ETH every 15min and making a cut of 3.75% of every transaction) their road map doesn’t include any new features, besides accepting FIAT and Credit Cards, which is not an enhancement of the game but rather an extra revenue stream for the company.

Currently Metamask is not compatible with mobile apps, so no idea how they want to implement it on mobile, maybe the app will be for FIAT transactions only.

If you  got early into the cryptokitties craze, by buying cats before the 4th of December or you were one of the early adopters with a founder cat, you could have made a profit of 500% to 1000% if you sold within the first week.

But unfortunately the party is over, of course you can still buy and sell kitties but the chances for you to make a profit are getting slimmer by the day. Professionals are using automated bots to quickly find undervalued cats which were put up for sale and use the API to finish the purchase before you can even hit the Buy Now button.

Next year won’t bring anything new to Cryptokitties so buying cats as a long term investment is even a worse idea.

Cryptopuppies are coming!

I do believe the success of Cryptokitties can be replicated by Cryptopuppies and many companies & developers are trying to jump on the bandwagon. Here I will review the top 4 Cryptopuppies in development.


This is by far the most promising projects of them all, they have a road map on their website ( and it is build by a proper development team called Splyse.

Their devs recently claimed first prize in the City of Zion Dapps Competition, those guys know what they are doing. Hashpuppies is being build on the NEO platform , the little brother of Ethereum. They are several reasons why NEO makes a great choice for a crypto game like hashpuppies, faster transaction speeds and cheaper transactions fees are just two of them.

They have a cute coming soon website. They post their updates on their Twitter account. No Road map, Dev Team or release date confirmed.

No idea what to except here, only time will tell.



Only a Twitter account (@Crypto_Puppies). They didn’t mention to have a website but today they posted something close to a “Whitepaper” hosted on Google docs.

Have a look here:
The document includes somewhat of a Roadmap and prices for early adopters in ETH. Please be aware this could be a scam, they don’t even have a website but already want your money. They can take your money and run any second, you don’t need anything to create a Twitter account. Please be aware!


Not really Cryptopuppies but pretty much the same from the mechanic. Users will be able to buy, breed and trade. There website doesn’t have much content nor a road map but their are some real developers behind it and the project already started in mid 2016.


Some personal announcement 🙂

I still can’t believe it, I got my first Bitcoin loan of almost $ 19,000 funded on Bitbond. My loan got funded in just 4 days thanks to some generous investors. In my next post I will cover how it works and how you can also get your Business or Idea funded on Bitbond.

So stay tuned and follow me on Steem:

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